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Office Makeup Tips To Get The Perfect Makeup Look

Use the best makeup products to seal that classic corporate look. Here are some office makeup tips to get the perfect makeup look.

What is Makeup Primer and Do You Need It?

What is Makeup Primer and Do You Need It?

Makeup Face Primer is a base for the foundation of your makeup, as it allows your makeup to look smoother.

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A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

Maintaining a makeup routine or a consistent flavour of look is no piece of cake. But we have a simple routine for you to follow easily.

Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

Perfect Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

The right eye makeup can enhance your large eyes beautifully! But there are some makeup rules you must follow to round them off to perfection.

Hypoallergenic cosmetics

Are “Hypoallergenic” Cosmetics Really Better

Many a time while shopping for skincare and makeup products we encounter the label that mentions the term “hypoallergenic”. Such products are less ...
Natural Beauty Products | MS Glamour

5 Reasons Why Natural Beauty Products are Worth the Cost!

“Natural” and “Organic” beauty products are the rage nowadays. Various new brands are coming up claiming that their product range is free of any ha...
Signature Lip Color | MS Glamour

How to Find Your Signature Lip Color?

There are a few things that every woman needs to sort by the time she reaches adulthood. For instance, that elusive perfume, a real coffee table, a...
Make-Up Tested on Animals | MS Glamour

Why is Make-Up Tested on Animals?

There are certain assumptions surrounding makeup being tested on animals. Most of us think it’s nothing major and doesn’t really believe that it co...
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