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What Are Parabens And Why Use Paraben Free Makeup Products?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals (preservatives) that can mimic the human hormone estrogen. This means that they may interfere with the hormone balance of your body. They prevent the growth of fungi and other microorganisms in beauty and hygiene products. These chemicals are used in beauty products for giving them a longer shelf life. The parabens that are most commonly used in beauty products are Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben and Ethylparaben etc.

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Why Use Paraben-Free Products?

The only difference between paraben-free makeup and makeup with parabens is that the latter has chemical and synthetic preservatives. The term “paraben-free” is meant to let people know that no harmful chemicals are a part of the product formula.

For someone looking for safer products Paraben-free makeup is a great alternative. Sure, parabens in a single product may be well within safety limits, but many people use more than one makeup product, therefore, parabens free makeup is very crucial.

 The side effects of long-term exposure to parabens have become a cause for concern. While nearly all beauty products use some kind of preservatives to make their products last longer, paraben-free cosmetics may be safer to use.

Paraben-free makeup and products made with natural ingredients is safer for those with sensitive skin. Paraben-free makeup products also use natural alternatives to preserve their formulas. Natural ingredients often contain more vitamins and antioxidants, which can be better for your health over time.

People who are allergic to chemical preservatives should be more welcoming to products that have gentler and more natural formulas. But one need not have allergies to go paraben free. Switching to paraben-free makeup and products should be the ideal choice for everyone as its environmental-friendly. These products contain no controversial ingredients is a good reason in itself.

The science may not completely back it up, but parabens seem like a class of ingredients we should try avoiding as much as possible. With more products switching over to natural ingredients, it makes no sense to stay with an ingredient that’s can cause a dangerous disease like cancer.

Invest in health-conscious makeup and skincare products made from natural and organic ingredients for a better skincare regime.

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