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Tips For Pre and Post-Holi Skin & Hair Prep

Tips For Pre and Post-Holi Skin & Hair Prep

  • March 21, 2022
  • Posted By : Megha
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Tips For Pre and Post-Holi Skin & Hair Prep

What better can be playing with gulal, unabashed dancing and having sips of thandai! And what better can it be than the Holi festival! 

Holi celebration is around the corner, and one of the fears that most women, or the men, confront is their skin and hair being damaged. Amidst the party and fun mood, you also have a concern for what your face will go through once the celebration is over. But not anymore!

You certainly would not want to miss out on this festival, and managing your hair and skin seems an odd idea. That's why we have specially come up with a couple of tips that will surely help you pamper your skin and hair after absorbing them with harsh colours. Run through these instant tips to get yourself protected amidst this colourful fiesta with heights. 

Prepping Your Skin Before Holi 

  • Wear a good SPF 

  • Before anything, do not forget to wear SPF, a good one. It'sIt's not only about the chemicals in colours but also the sun that can damage your skin. So, as a precautionary measure, use sunscreen at all times to shield your skin against any sun damage. 

  • Oil Your Face

  • After getting your daily skin essentials, apply a thick layer of any facial oil over your face and all over your body. Oiling your skin acts as a barrier for the colours and prevents its absorption. Not limited to this, but oiling can hydrate your skin as well at all times. 

  • Make use of Petroleum Jelly 

  • In addition to oiling, you can apply a good amount of petroleum jelly layer to your lips, eyelids and ears. This also acts as a hydrating barrier for your skin. 

  • Skip Undergoing Any Actives A Day Before

  • Avoid any actives or facials a day before Holi, as this will only activate your allergies and make it even worse when you get harsh colours on them. So try to skip any skin treatment or use retinol or other skincare ingredients. 

    Tips To Getting Rid Of Colours Post-Holi

  • Always Stick To Your CTM routine 

  • Cleansing, toning and moisturising should always be the first priority, even if it's one of those regular days. And when you are on the verge of experiencing a mess with harmful chemicals all over your face, then it becomes essential to stick with your CTM routine. 

    Start with using a double cleanser to pull out the colour remnants off your face. Use a good toner (choose one which is alcohol-free) to maintain the pH level of your skin. Finally, moisturise your skin to hydrate it to the fullest. 

  • Care with Scrub and Sheet masks

  • If you are not satisfied with just your CTM routine, you can undergo a relaxing session with a gentle scrub and hydrating sheet masks. You can also look for some best ingredients in your kitchen and make your gentle scrub. 

    Use any sheet mask for maximum hydration. The more you hydrate your skin, the less are the chances of skin outbreak. 

  • Don't Ignore Your Body

  • Similar to your face, your body, too, needs extra care and pampering. So get into a pampering session for your body as well. Rinse off the colours from your body. Use a good body scrub to remove the remnants. You can use the DIY scrub that you prepared earlier for your face. 

    Tips To Nourish Your Hair Before And After The Holi Celebration


  • Your hair, too, needs care

  • Oiling your hair can be as beneficial as your face. Pamper yourself with a good massage one night before getting into the fiesta vibes. This will help retain the keratin in your scalp and reduce the absorption of dirt and colour into the scalp. Tie your hair before going out to play Holi. 

    You can also hop on to using a leave-in conditioner during the celebration to shield your hair. 

  • Hydrate Your Scalp Post Holi

  • Taking care of your hair and scalp becomes excessively important post-Holi. So try to engage yourself in a few self-care activities, conditioning your hair after cleansing it, getting a hair spa, or using a good hair mask at home itself. 

    The Last But Not The Least Tip Is - Enjoy To The Fullest!

    Taking care of your hair and body is essential, but having fun and enjoying the fiesta is more! 

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