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Skincare & Makeup For Sensitive Skin

Skincare & Makeup For Sensitive Skin

  • March 27, 2021
  • Posted By : Megha
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Your skin is your armor. No matter what skin type you’ve got, embracing and taking care of your skin is surely rewarding. People with sensitive skin often complain of not being able to put on much make up or always having to be extra cautious with products.

But hey, if you have got sensitive skin, it only means that your skin loves you too much. Your armor is a little too protective of you. The key is to find the right kind of products that work for your unique skin. As challenging as that can be, once you find your products and fix on your skincare routine, you are in for the long ride.

So here are seven valuable skincare and beauty tips for that sensitive, resilient skin of yours.

A proper prep up

Applying makeup directly to bare skin is the first no-no when it comes to skincare. While this rule applies to all skin types, sensitive skin requires a little extra prepping up. It is important to find the right face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen and primer, and all the better if it is an all-in-one product.

Get the formula right

Make sure that your products are very light in composition. It is always a wiser choice to go for chemical-free and fragrance-free makeup products. It is quite rare to find makeup that is chemical-free but it is worth investing in the niche and exclusive market as it is not only skin-friendly, but also planet-friendly. Don’t forget to do a test patch before using any product.

Beauty of BB creams

A foundation is usually a heavy product that can clog up your pores and prevent your skin from breathing well. How about skipping the heavy foundation and using a light BB cream instead? Our BB cream comes with 3 sunscreen agents for UV protection and feels much lighter on the skin. If you still need a solid makeup base, go for a hypoallergenic foundation.

Solid > Liquid > Powder

This right here is the golden formula to healthy makeup choices. Solid products are always better than liquid or powder ones. This is because the water solution in liquid makeup leaves room for bacteria growth while powder makeup is more likely to cause irritation to the eyes or induce an allergic reaction. Check out our pearl matte lipstick infused with antioxidants and Vitamin E.

Less is more

When it comes to makeup for sensitive skin, less is always better. While there is no such thing as too much makeup, applying too many products can be harmful to your skin. Try to find products that are multi-functional. Use a concealer or foundation only when absolutely necessary.

Move it, remove it

We know it is how exhausting it can be to come back from an all-night dance party and remove your makeup. But what is more exhausting is dealing with the consequences of not removing your makeup. Use a good cleanser and then treat your skin to some exfoliation with a natural face scrub. This way, your skin is soft and ready for the next time you put on makeup.

Keep it clean

Lastly, keep your makeup tools clean. Leaving your makeup brushes and sponge dirty and not closing the lid on your items is an open invitation for bacteria to enter into your products and soon, onto your skin. Keep expiry dates in mind and constantly replace all your makeup.

So who said sensitive skin must keep you away from makeup? Using the right products and following the appropriate skincare routine is all there is to it. Now go ahead and flaunt that beautiful skin.


Your skin is your armor. No matter what skin type you’ve got, embracing and taking care of your skin is surely rewarding.

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