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Should you use a lip liner?

Well then, should you be using a lip liner? Long story short: hell, yes!

You're probably thinking what difference could a trivial item like a lip liner make to your makeup look. Now, it might not be absolutely necessary to use a lip liner. It is afterall an optional element in makeup. But using one on your lips can do wonders to your makeup. How, you ask? Read on!

Those of us who are hardcore lipstick lovers invest a lot in different shades and textures of lipstick. There’s a new sale on lipsticks? Better check that out. There’s a new lipstick trend going on? We’re so in. But when it comes to lip liners, too many of us just don’t care. But using one can be quite rewarding and fun too! Here is all that you can do with a lip liner.

Make your lipstick last

Firstly, let us understand what a lip liner is for. It acts like a primer to your lipstick. Isn’t it annoying to make trips to the washroom multiple times on your night out just to reapply your lipstick? Well, a liner will do the trick for you by ensuring that your lipstick lasts longer.

No more smudges

Imagine this. You are wearing your hottest shade of lipstick that makes you want to smile all the time. But you come back and find it all smudged up around the corners. Why ruin a perfect lipstick look when you can line it up? A lip liner keeps your lipstick in place. No more smudges and stains!

Define your lips

Your lips are perfect. So what is stopping you from bringing out their beautiful shape and giving them the depth and definition they deserve? A lipstick is like a bucket of paint that you apply to your lips. However, it is a liner that would outline the shape of your lips. It can also be used to fill in cracks and corners of your lips where the lipstick won’t reach.


And finally, it is important to have fun and experiment with your liner. The beauty of a liner is that it can be used in place of a lipstick. You can merge two shades or blend in the texture using a lip liner. For instance, if your lipstick is too glossy, a lip liner could come in handy to tone it down. Or you can use it to make a lovely pout!

So without further ado, it is time to add a kickass lip liner to your makeup kit. Try out our hypoallergenic pencil lip liner that is available in over twelve natural colours from fiery red to gorgeous plum.


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