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Journey of Megha Sarpal to MS Glamour: A Brand Of Choice For Contemporary Women

Journey of Megha Sarpal to MS Glamour: A Brand Of Choice For Contemporary Women

  • October 25, 2021
  • Posted By : Megha
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Journey of Megha Sarpal

Megha Sarpal has been interested in fashion and cosmetics since she was a child, and she is a certified cosmetologist right now. She got her license in 2005 and chose to start MS Glamour back in 2017 because she had a keen desire to demonstrate that one's appearance does not have to come at the expense of one's skin's well-being.  

She only creates goods that are of the highest quality for the customers and clients. She takes into consideration any modifications that her customers propose and incorporates them into her brand to make it even better.


What was her goal behind creating this brand?

She created her Vegan or cruelty-free makeup brand, known as MS Glamour to create a brand that would cater to women of all complexion types and skin tones. She concentrated on developing a cosmetics collection that was paraben-free, which means it did not include any harsh preservatives that would be harmful to the skin. Starting a company is difficult since it requires a great deal of preparation and planning. Along the process, she has learned that patience and time management are essential for any job that one wishes to take on as a personal responsibility. 

Women of any color, should not lower their standards in terms of cosmetics just because a certain company is unable to meet their requirements. Every woman should be able to feel attractive without having to sacrifice her beauty requirements.

Her enthusiasm for all things and her professional background as a certified cosmetologist drove her to create a cruelty-free cosmetics collection that would cater to the requirements of women of all skin types and tones. When it comes to skincare products, she thinks that one should not sacrifice beauty and cosmetics for the sake of skincare


Why choose MS Glamour?

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Women of ethnic skin tones may feel secure and attractive in their skin because of the MS Glamour cosmetics brand, which was founded by Megha Sarpal to make them feel more beautiful. Women of today flock to MS Glamour because it is the brand of choice!

It has been a long time since the beauty industry has been plagued by companies that do not respond to the requirements of ethnic women. Megha knows the significance of feeling and looking your best since she is a woman of color herself. In recognition of this enormous gap in the cosmetics industry, she has created and manufactured a broad range of beauty products with a diverse range of color choices for women with a variety of skin tones and textures.

Ultimately, they want to be the genuine representation for women of color who have been trying to find the appropriate colors of cosmetics for a long period.

They are firm believers that beauty is found in variety and that everyone, regardless of skin tone, has the freedom to express themselves via cosmetics. It is a US-based brand offering the best products in an industry that caters to only those who meet a particular beauty standard.


●     Suitable for all skin types

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They provide an amazing variety of cosmetic items that have been specifically designed to suit a wide range of skin tones and complexions. They have a strong commitment to inclusivity, which informs all of their major choices, from shade selection to marketing campaigns and everything in between. With the assistance of their cosmetics, MS Glamour wants their customers to feel confident in their ability to freely express themselves in any manner they want.



●     Paraben Free products

Their range of beauty essentials has been developed using components that are completely safe for you, thanks to the efforts of a committed research and development team that shares their goal in creating a paraben-free makeup brand.


●     Non- allergic products

MS Glamour products will not only enhance your appearance, but they will also offer deep nutrition, leaving your skin looking and feeling healthy. They are devoid of animal by-products and parabens, and they do not include any Hypo-Allergenic Makeup products that may irritate your skin.



●     Non- comedogenic and Fragrance-free products

Nowadays, businesses try to disguise a slew of harmful substances and chemicals under the guise of "fragrance," which may hurt your health and wellness. Their products, on the other hand, are completely fragrance-free and non-comedogenic, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin types. MS Glamour will make you feel loved and will help you express your individuality!

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