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  • February 24, 2022
  • Posted By : Megha
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Let's agree to this, most people are tired of their thin and patted hair. And most of us are embarrassed about it. So we tend to hide this fragility under artificial hair extensions or maybe rely on different hair products in the hope to get a slight volume. We are not here to say if that is going to work or not, but our expert hair stylists have come up with several tips that might help you to get a big and bouncy look. You can try these hair hacks to make thin hair thicker and drop the veil of embarrassment you face among your friends and other people. 

Read more to know magical hacks for how to make thin hair look thicker naturally

  • Start with a Haircut
  • One of the easiest hacks to give your hair a thicker illusion and bounce is with a smart haircut. There are certain alternatives one might choose from when getting a haircut. You just have to make sure which one will be most flattering to your face and personality, and you are ready to kick off. 

    You can ask your hairstylist to add some layers or fringes to your hair and trim your hair ends, weighing down your hair. However, it would be best if you went for a shorter hair look. It will not only give a voluminous illusion but also add bounce to make thin hair thicker.

  • Don't just rely on shampoo and conditioner
  • Yes, using shampoo and conditioners can be healthier for your hair and also for its hygiene, but keep in mind using too much of the conditioner or the wrong conditioner or shampoo can make your hair look flatter. This might be a bit confusing but let us help you clear this out. Conditioners and hair masks are formulated to add shine as well as moisturize your hair, and if you are struggling with voluminous hair, then this might not be the best option for you. 

  • Try parting your hair the other way 
  • Our hair experts say, "switching the parting of your hair can get you thick hair illusion real quick." This hack can instantly boost the volume of your hair and also help you with a quick face makeover. So if you are still wondering how to make thin hair look thicker naturally with this hack, all you have to do is flip your hair to the other side. 

    Skip on giving a middle part to your hair, as this can make your tresses appear thinner. 

  • Get Subtle highlights to add dimension
  • You must be thinking that adding chemicals can do harm to your already thin hair, but getting subtle highlights from an experienced stylist can help you make thin hair thicker. But remember, you only need subtle highlighting.

    This can do wonders as you will get a slightly roughed-up cuticle, which will eventually give your hair more texture and volume. 

  • Use a blow-dryer while styling your hair
  • When you are planning to get curls or straighten your hair using curling irons or straighteners, don't forget to use a blow-dryer. Even if it's not for giving your hair a shape, you can use a blow dryer by flipping your hair in an upward direction while it is damp. 

    While styling, add some waves that are going to get your hair to appear with added dimension. You can also go for a round brush to lift your hair and make thin hair thicker

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