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How To Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow?

How To Apply Rainbow Eyeshadow?

  • August 24, 2021
  • Posted By : Megha
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If bold, bright and beautiful is what you want for your eye makeup look you must go with rainbow eyeshadow look. Red, blue, green and pink look fascinating when used alone, but when you combine them it gives you a look that helps you outfox every woman at the party or function. It might look to be a rigorous task to create this look. But it is not! In turn, it is easy and enjoyable to create these sparkling rainbow eyes. This look can also be created when you are in the mood to experiment with different colours. This text will let you know about how to create this look.

How to create a rainbow eyeshadow look without flaws?

rainbow eyeshadow look

Step:1 Decide your face make-up.

To create this look you need not do anything rather than applying eyeshadow but it can be beneficial if you priority plan face makeup. When you are creating this look you can try it out with just foundation, blush and nude lipstick. Options still exist that you can use contour, highlighter and bold lips. Plan your face make up but do it after you are done with rainbow eyes as it would wear off in no time. 

Step:2 Get your eyes ready:

The prime step to create a beautiful eye makeup look is using a primer. You need to apply a primer below the eyeshadow to prepare it. Apply primer on your eyelids and dab it at the place where you need to apply eyeshadow. If you for some reason don't have a primer, you can replace it with foundation and powder. Applying primer will prevent too early fading of the look. Also to enhance the look you can always try applying white primer or white eyeshadow. 

Step:3 Choose your brush to create the look.

You will need three types of brushes to complete a rainbow eye makeup look. Choose a pencil type brush, a blending brush and a large brush that is used for the highlight colour. After you take out these brushes, set your table with necessities. You must have a makeup remover, cotton swabs and foundation to make alterations. Ensure the brushes that you are going to use are clean and free from germs and mud. There is nothing like you won't be able to create this look, if you don't have these brushes.  You can do it but it might not be so easy. 

Step:4 Create the final look.

  • Start by dabbing the first colour on the inner corners of your eyes. The best colour to apply is red or pink, but it is ok if you want other colours to start from. But you must choose a colour by the next colour that must fade into it. Dab it towards the inner corner.  Before applying eyeshadow, tap the brushes to ensure that excess eyeshadow doesn't fall on the cheeks. 

  • Nextly apply the second colour at the centre of your eyelid. Add the orange coloured eyeshadow in the middle part so that it goes well with both pink and red. This time too you must use a highlighter brush to dab eyeshadow. Choose colours that come next to each other in the rainbow to get the best look. Also, clean brush to avoid mixing of colours.  

  • Apply the eyeshadow at the outer corner of the eyelid. Pick up your highlight brush and apply yellow eyeshadow where orange starts to disappear. Let yellow slightly fade at the end.  

  • Take out your pencil brush and apply blue and green colours to the waterline. You can apply the green colour exactly below on the bottom waterline. Let the colour fade along with the eyes. It must come in the middle to look perfect. 

  • Lastly, give a finishing touch to the inner corners by applying blue eyeshadow.  Try fading it till it reaches the inner corner. Keep a note that it should touch the initial pink colour. And at the end blend eyes shadows so that they look better. 

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rainbow eyeshadow look
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