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Best Eye Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Best Eye Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

  • April 26, 2022
  • Posted By : Megha
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Best Eye Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Get The Perfect Curled Eyelashes With MS Glamour Best Eye Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

We all love curled eyelashes with a kohl-loaded eyes look. Don't we? 

With all these best eye mascara claiming to add volume, lift your lashes, and give you an iconic look, the real question arises - Are you using curling up your eyelashes the right way? 

If you have any doubts, let us simplify them. 

Applying mascara should not be complex, and in reality, it is not! With MS Glamour Diamond Mascara for sensitive eyes, you get a solid solution for your lifted eyelashes worries. 

OKAY! But why MS Glamour's Diamond Mascara? 

Because it is, 

  • vegan,
  • hypoallergenic,
  • cruelty-free,
  • waterproof,
  • smudge-proof
  • has 4D fibre, 
  • gives full coverage, and
  • is dermatologically tested.

Also, it is one of the best eye mascaras in India, so why not!

How To Become A Pro At Curling Eyelashes?

Although, you have been winging it since you were 13 with your mom's or elder sister's mascara for sensitive eyes. We will share some tips that will help you with this. Paired with our intense volumizing Diamond mascara, you can level up your eye makeup game. 

Whether it's a party look or an ethnic look, the best eye mascara is a must-to-have addition to your whole look. Spicing it with the use of the right tool and methods can highlight your eyes like no day else. 

#Step 1. Get Your Hands On The Right Curler 

Picking a perfect eyelash curler that fits your eyelash shape and arcs is important. First, define the shape of your eyes to determine the perfect-fit eyelashes curler for you. Be it rounded eyes, monolid, almond-shaped or downturned, get a curler that works best for you. Get a solid illustration of the curve of the curler and choose the one meant for your lashes. 

#Step 2. Set The Curler 

Once you are all set with the task of defining the best curler for you, get ready to move ahead with the next step, which is, prepping up your tool. For this, you might need a blower or simply warm water. For those preferring a blow dryer, make it quickly blast on the edges of the lash curler. If you are going with a warm water method, then dip your lash curler into it. 

Why are we warming up your curler? 

Because then it will act like a curling rod for your hair and will allow instant lift yet stronger for hours. 

For the curling, clench down the curler for some seconds. Make sure to do it with an open mind and with light pulses, or you may end up pinching your skin. 

#Step 3. Apply A Coating Of Diamond Mascara

After you are done curling your lashes, it is time to apply a layer of Diamond mascara for sensitive eyes. Get in front of a mirror and adjust it to your eye level. Apply a single coating of the best eye mascara for now. And add its rich blackest pigments to your lash lengths for dramatically volumizing your eyelashes. The best mascara in India will also lock up the curling you have just done using a warm lash curler. 

#Step 4. Dab Translucent Powder 

Get your hands on to a translucent powder and dab it over the lashes with light hands and a brush. This will add extra volume to the lashes and also make the first coating of the best eye mascara, that is, the base, stay for hours. 

Or you can simply roll the best eye mascara wand in the loose powder and brush it up on the lashes. Turn out for the most comfortable method for you. 

#Step 5. Again, Apply More Coating 

Now, we are ready to set up the final look. Apply another 2-3 coating of Diamond Mascara for sensitive eyes without smudging it over the eye area. 

You are all prepped up for the party now! Apply lipstick, some tint on your cheek, and slay.

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