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Are “Hypoallergenic” Cosmetics Really Better

Are “Hypoallergenic” Cosmetics Really Better

  • November 30, 2020
  • Posted By : Megha
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Many a time while shopping for skincare and makeup products we encounter the label that mentions the term “hypoallergenic”. Such products are less likely to cause an allergic reaction as compared to regular makeup products that might carry the risk of irritation and allergies.

Hypoallergenic Cosmetics

Do you think your mascara irritates your eyes? Try a hypoallergenic one!

Is your skin too sensitive and reacts easily? Try a hypoallergenic product!

In the cosmetic and makeup industry, hypoallergenic products and related terms are being used to convince the potential customer that a hypoallergenic product is safer, better, and is free of harsh chemicals and irritants.

While we see that the term holds a lot of credibility among beauty brands and influencers, but its scientific origin and authenticity are still a subject of debate! Scientifically and as per regulatory authorities like FDA, hypoallergenic term is not valid but since it does not have any legal regulation, the term is used across the industry.


This does not certify that all brands across the industry are propagators of false claims and empty promises! There are many brands and products in the market that mark their products as hypoallergenic and organic and free of any chemicals. While hypoallergenic brands or makeup products are not regulated by FDA but many brands have developed their line of products that work in favor of your skin. Also, these products are said to be fragrance free and hence more natural and organic ingredients based that do not need to mask the smell of actual ingredients.

Despite not being regulated, the need for hypoallergenic products is steadily rising and are still more important that you may actually think. That being said, anyone with a history of multiple allergies, skin sensitivity, and reactions should go for a spot testing when using a new product.  If possible, it may also be worth undergoing allergy testing to determine which ingredients you are allergic to in order to avoid those.

One thing that you must note is that if you have problem skin or if your skincare routine is not really working, any organic or hypoallergenic product may not be able to help you!

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