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A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

  • December 18, 2020
  • Posted By : Megha
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Maintaining a makeup routine or a consistent flavour of look is no piece of cake. We hear all your concerns with makeup routines, and we are here to help you improve them in simple, convenient and chic ways.

Makeup can be very simple and easy to get used to. Here is a breakdown of all the routine into small steps to help you.


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  1. Hydrate Your Face

The beginning of every makeup routine is to start it with a completely clean face. Wash your face gently with warm water and soap. Use a washcloth to dab the water slowly. In fact make sure your face is clean at the end of your day, too. Otherwise, it can clog your pores and give you acne.

  1. Moisturise

In our daily lives, we are exposed to a number of things in the environment which are harmful for our skin. If you are spending your entire day under the sun, remember to apply a sunscreen that suits your skin type the best. If your skin gets dry easily, make sure to massage in some moisturiser before your makeup.

  1. Use a Makeup Primer

Out of most makeup products, the makeup face primer is one of the most important products for your makeup routine. It helps to keep your makeup on more smoothly, and makes it last longer. Work the primer into your skin, especially where you are going to apply the makeup on.

  1. Apply Foundation

Foundations are available for an entire range of skin types. Be sure that the makeup products you use suit your skin type. Especially your foundation, because it is the base for all of your makeup. Smoothen a thin and even layer of foundation, that blends with the rest of your skin. You might choose to use it either in its solid stick form or its liquid form.

  1. Add Some Concealer

If you find uneven areas near your eyes or nose that show even through your foundation, you might want to even them out with a gentle concealer to seal your subtle look.

  1. Brush With Some Powder

Whenever you are finished with your foundation and base for your makeup, make sure you brush on some powder over it. This will help your makeup set nicely, and will let your makeup last longer. Make sure to brush all the parts of your face with some translucent powder.

  1. Add a Little Colour!

You can apply some fun makeup products to enhance your look. Blush and bronzer are both pigmented powders that will add some colour to your yet monochromatic look. A blush can add a healthy and flushed look to your cheeks. And a bronzer can give your face a sun-kissed appearance. Remember to use a rounded makeup brush to dust both into your skin. You might choose to use neutral shades of both if you want a simple everyday look.

  1. Enhance Your Eyes With an Eyeshadow

Before applying your preferred eye colours, apply some eye primer to ready a base. You might use neutral colours for a natural look, preferably ones closer to your skin tone. You can use an eyeshadow palette full of olives, peaches, tans and so on. You can even go for a simple smoky look with greys and blacks. And of course, you can use some light colours to make it interesting, and choose ones that compliment your skin tone.

  1. Finish Your Eye Look

Even though your eyes are mostly complete because of the eyeshadow, you should finish the look. Use makeup products such as eyeliner and kohl to pop your eyes. You can play around with this to enhance your beautiful eyes out. You can even curl your eyelashes and wing some mascara if you want! If you apply just these without the eyeshadow, it can make for a perfect simple everyday makeup routine.

  1. Apply Lipstick or Lip Gloss

Your makeup is incomplete without a tint on your lips. You might choose to wear natural looking lip colours or go for colours that compliment your skin tone. Some light pinks and neutral browns will give an everyday chic look. It’s up to you!

This was a simple makeup routine you might follow for an everyday look, but it’s all up to you how you like your makeup. Have fun!

Maintaining a makeup routine or a consistent flavour of look is no piece of cake. But we have a simple routine for you to follow easily.

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