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5 Skin Care Ingredients You Can't Miss In 2022

5 Skin Care Ingredients You Can't Miss In 2022

  • March 12, 2022
  • Posted By : Megha
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5 Skin Care Ingredients You Can't-Miss In 2022

While 2021 saw new heights for niacinamide and salicylic acid, the year 2022 is witnessing a subtle shift towards skincare ingredients in just the beginning. Most dermatologists have already been experimenting with different natural ingredients that will ultimately enhance your skincare regime. Last year was all about innovation with ingredients like salicylic acid cleanser and glycolic acid cleanser, which has been a foundation for further innovation in the skin and beauty industry.

2022 will go beyond sustainable packaging and basic skincare ingredients to a skincare routine that is "more with less" with hybrid formulas. 

Let us walk through the top skincare ingredients for healthy skincare and see what factors will make them dominate in the skincare industry. 

#1. Peptide


The peptide has become a buzzword, with its recent acknowledgment in the beauty industry. Be it your protein shake or your skin care; the peptide has emerged to be a top skin care ingredient in the year 2022. Peptides are derived from a combination of amino acids and are excellent caterers for rejuvenating your dry skin and dehydration. With regular use of peptides in skin care, you can see a reduced appearance of fine lines and notice firmer skin. 

Brands like Olay, SkinMedica, Paula's Choice, and many other renowned brands have already bagged their peptide products stock to meet its flooding needs in 2022.  

#2. Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate (HPR)

Most people are still doubtful about retinol skin care regime. This can sometimes be because of the unpleasant side-effects one might have to go through, like skin peeling or irritation. For them, Hydroxypinacolone retinoate (HPR) can prove to be a beneficial alternative. HPR is a fraction from the retinoid family, which is found effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines in just 14 days. And for this reason, primarily, this skin care ingredient can rule 2022. 

The benefits are not only limited to fine lines reduction; you also get even skin tone, firm skin, and visibly less excess oil production. 

You can find serums by Mid Hippie, Cyberderm, and Pacifica, including HPR as their active ingredient. 

#3. Bakuchiol 


People around the world have always admired Korean skincare. Not only because they are harsh-free but also because of their effectiveness that results in radiant, clear, and supple skin. 

Bakuchiol is one of the queen-bee ingredients of Korean descent, making its way into the ongoing waves of the ruling skincare ingredient in 2022. 

Bakuchiol is a derivative of Vitamin A and, similar to HPR, is an alternative to retinol. This plant-based ingredient has the attribute to act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial addition to your skin regime, having soothing properties. 

If you are looking for one such serum with a retinol alternative, then you can consider brands like Acure, Biossance, or Oskia to get one. 

#4. Pre and Probiotics 


We all are aware of the goodness of bacteria for the body, be it good or bad. Similarly, bacteria can be added as your skin care ingredient to help maintain the immunity of your skin. Prebiotics and probiotics work in coordination to balance your skin's microbiome. This has to be done, or else you can notice skin damage and aging signs. 

Brands like Biossance and Neogen represent the best of pre and probiotic skin care in their products. However, if you are specifically looking for a natural way to get these two essential ingredients, then curd or legumes can benefit you. 

#5. Sunflower Oil 


Moisturizing your skin will never fade off. And experimenting with different ingredients will never go out of style. Salicylic acid moisturizer was highly trending during last year. In 2022, sunflower oil can make its way as one of the best anti-aging and moisturizing formulation skincare ingredients

Being a non-comedogenic oil, it prevents pore clogging and also acts as a moisturizer barrier that is soothing as well as strengthening. This makes it favorable to pair with your skincare regime. 

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