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Get to know us and learn what is Ethnic Makeup | MS Glamour

Makeup Setting Spray | MS Glamour

How to Use Makeup Setting Spray - A Step-by-Step Guide

If you're a makeup fanatic like us or have to spend long hours with makeup on, the only thing that might matter to you is the durability of the mak...
Ultimate Makeup Tips | MS Glamour

Ultimate Makeup Tips Everyone Needs to Know

Learning how to apply all-natural makeup isn't as simple as it may seem—and watching complicated YouTube & IG makeup tutorials can only make yo...
Easy Festive Makeup Look

Easy Festive Makeup Look

We’ll present a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect festive makeup look that will help you steal the spotlight on every special occasion.
Lipstick Trends for Winters | MS Glamour

Lipstick Trends for Winter 2020-2021

One of the most satisfying ways of kick starting 2021 is changing your makeup routine.
Cruelty Free Makeup | MS Glamour

5 Reasons To Choose Cruelty Free Makeup

Animal testing is a problem that has been going on for years. With so many alternatives in the market, there is no excuse for cosmetic companies to test on animals.

Paraben Free Makeup Products | MS Glamour

What Are Parabens And Why Use Paraben Free Makeup Products?

Parabens are synthetic chemicals (preservatives) that can mimic the human hormone estrogen.

Why Use Natural Makeup?

Why Use Natural Makeup?

We all have a myriad range of makeup products and brands in our collection which we so lovingly replenish every now and then.

Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes | MS Glamour

The Best Mascaras for Sensitive Eyes

For some, eyes and mascara just don’t get along too well.

best face makeup products | MS Glamour

Office Makeup Tips To Get The Perfect Makeup Look

Use the best makeup products to seal that classic corporate look. Here are some office makeup tips to get the perfect makeup look.

What is Makeup Primer and Do You Need It?

What is Makeup Primer and Do You Need It?

Makeup Face Primer is a base for the foundation of your makeup, as it allows your makeup to look smoother.

Makeup Products

A Simple Everyday Makeup Routine

Maintaining a makeup routine or a consistent flavour of look is no piece of cake. But we have a simple routine for you to follow easily.

Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

Perfect Eye Makeup for Big Eyes

The right eye makeup can enhance your large eyes beautifully! But there are some makeup rules you must follow to round them off to perfection.

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